War Crimes in Sri Lanka

War Crimes Cable from Cablesearch

Cable on LTTE and SLMM
described the LTTE’s complete control of all activities that take place in Tiger-controlled territory, including forced conscription and the use of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) to extract money from XXXXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXXX also criticized the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission’s (SLMM) complacency in the face of coercive techniques the LTTE employs to maintain control of its northern stronghold.

Sri Lanka
Military Offensive

WikiLeaks renews accusations over Sri Lanka war crimes

Reuters Dec 2, 2010
The United States believes there is little prospect Sri Lanka will hold anyone accountable for the bloody end of the war with the Tamil Tigers because war crimes allegations involve top government figures, leaked U.S. documents say.

Channel 4 News
Wednesday 01 December 2010
Channel 4 News uncovers a WikiLeaks cable which appears to show the United States believes responsibility for alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka rests with its leaders, including President Rajapakse.

A WikiLeaks cable, dated 18th May 2007 from US embassy in Colombo, accuses Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse of giving orders to Sri Lanka Army (SLA) commanders in Jaffna not to interfere with Tamil paramilitaries who are “doing “work” that the military cannot do because of international scrutiny.

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