Mexican Drug War

- Mexican Drug War victim statistics
- United States policy on the Mexican Drug War
- Wikileaks cables about the Mexican Drug War


FARC's connection to Mexican drug cartels:

This is a confidential conversation between Mexican President Calderon and Hillary Clinton's secretary in 2009. The United States should be concerned that the massive volume of drugs, money, and weapons flowing across the border could imply corruption problems on the U.S. side, as well, president Calderon said.

A group of American senators met with president Calderon in 2007. The president was of the opinion that drug related violence had gone down since he was elected one year earlier - i'm not sure if he was wrong at that time, but we know now that the number of killings are sky high now compared to 2006.
They also talked about border security, better education in the US in order to lower the demand, NAFTA and immigration.

A recent article coming from Reuters. It is about the Mexican president Calderon which slams the U.S. coordination in drug war.

Some statistics:
Kill count:
- 22,000+ Killed since start of war against narcotraffic, from Dec. 2006 to Mar. 2010 (when president Calderon started his term).
- 3,300+ Killed from Jan. to March 2010.

Arrests w/breakdown by cartel* ◦121,000 Narco-arrests since 2006.
◦- 27% Gulf Cartel/Zetas.
◦ -24% Pacific/Sinaloa Cartel.
◦ -17% Cartel de Juarez
◦ -14% Beltran Leyva
◦ -13% Arellano Felix

IMPORTANT and INTERESTING! I found a confidential document from 2009 which reveals an increasead pressure on journalists to avoid reporting on DRUG cartel related issues.

A SECRET document revealing that Mexican Navy forces acting on U.S. information killed Arturo Beltran Leyva in an operation on December 16, the highest-level takedown of a cartel figure under the Calderon administration.

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