Poland likely to be attacked by Russia after supporting Georgia

Poland, Georgia, Russia, Sikorski, NATO, attack

background information about war in south osetia http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wojna_w_Osetii_Po%C5%82udniowej_2008

cable from german embassy about plan of contingency of baltic states in case of russian attack http://cablesearch.org/cable/view.php?id=09BERLIN978&hl=sikorski

cable about polish demonstration theirs position just after attack by Russia http://cablesearch.org/cable/view.php?id=08WARSAW947&hl=sikorski

NATO ALLIES LACK COHESION DURING FIRST MEETING ON GEORGIA CRISIS http://cablesearch.org/cable/view.php?id=08USNATO281&hl=poland

contingency plan for other baltic states http://www.aftenposten.no/spesial/wikileaksdokumenter/article4028320.ece

cable from Moscow embassy about SIKORSKI's request for U.S. forces on the ground in Poland to "protect against Russian aggression" http://cablesearch.org/cable/view.php?id=09MOSCOW2747&hl=sikorski

article by Spiegel about expanding Polish contingency plan for other Baltic States: http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,733361,00.html

eastern partnership between Sweden and Poland concerning countering Russia's influence in Eastern Europe http://cablesearch.org/cable/view.php?id=08WARSAW1409&hl=sikorski

polish government accept the idea of contingency plan http://cablesearch.org/cable/view.php?id=09WARSAW1228&hl=origin%3AWarsaw

expansion of Eagle Guardian to include Baltic states http://cablesearch.org/cable/view.php?id=10STATE7810&hl=eagle+guardian

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