American cults abroad

Scientology, Mormons and the American embassies advocating their work abroad

Tax reduction for Mormons in Spain
The cable are the minutes of a meeting between American officials and the Vice President of Spain over talks regarding double taxation as well as the taxaction of religious groups such as Mormons and Jehova's Witnesses. Spain wants to reconsider the taxation of these groups, if the financial situation is Spain improves.

Hamburgs consul about Germany vs. Scientology
In this article the American consul suspects the German government, especially the provincial government of Hamburg of Anti-Scientology campaigns. The reports mentions its concerns about an innitiative to ban Scientology in Germany. The document summarizes events that might lead to bad media and the passing of an Anti-Scientology law. It also includes the findings regarding Scientology being under the observation by the German secret service. The consul is also concerned about the media presence of Germany's proclaimed expert on Scientology Ursula Caberta as head of a committee called Arbeitsgruppe Scientology. This committee researches regarding a ban of Scientology in Germany.

Religious workers from Brazil in the US
This cable includes statistices and analyses of Brazilian citizens working for various religious organizations, such as Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) or other "churches" in the US. There are several cases where people disappeared in the US upon arrival, after completing their work and are now living in the US as illegal immigrants. In most cases, the workers have used the R1 visa only to enter the US. 100% of the religious workers requested by the Universal Church couldn't be located during the research.

A book by German Author Peter Reichelt on the issue: "Helnweim and Scientology"
The author, describes the work and association of Austrian Artist Helnweim and his association with Scientology. The book is hard to get in Germany now, because there has been many attemps by Helmwein and other German based celeberties to ban the book. The reason is that in the book the ties and relations between them and Scientology have been uncovered.

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International Business Directory
Here you can download a pdf that documents the work of Scientology associated businesses all around the world. The document has 308 pages and advertises the use of L. Ron Hubbarts theories for enterprises and organizations.

A leaked document and threat by Scientology towards Wikileaks

How Scientology wants to make money with Native Americans
A document that includes a description on how to make money by providing workshops and seminars at different Native American reservates by providing drug prevention seminars. It also accounts for the success of finding local representatives at the different "states".

L. Ron Hubbart about how internal Investigation Officers should work
L.Ron Hubbart describes in this recording, how Internal Investigation Officers work in order to find "ill" or "insane" members among Scientology. He also describes the ethics and how to lead the investigation through auditing.

Scientology directive towards entering the European market in 1982
A directive by L Ron Hubbart to increase the recruitment of new members and sales of books, e-meters and workshops in Europe. The documents includes directives, how Scientologists should sell and create new organizations in Europe. At that time LRH sees Europe as a booming market. Also it includes and account on what Scientology can mean for businesses and the common people. LRH also writes about why Scientology will survive critiques and acts by its "enemies".

Directives for Confessionals in Johannesburg, South Africa
An instruction with questions and pre formulated texts that auditors in Johannesburg have to follow. As an example, every Confessional has to be started in the following way: "We are about to begin a Confessional. We are not moralists. We are able to change people. We are not here to condemn them. While we cannot guarantee you that matters revealed in this list will be held forever secret, we can promise you faithfully that no part of it nor any answer you make here will be given to the Police or the State. No Scientologist will ever bear witness against you in Court by reason of answers to this Confessional. This Confessional is exclusively for Scientology purposes. The only ways you can fail this Confessional are to refuse to take the test, to fail to answer its questions truthfully or if you are here knowingly to injure Scientology. The only penalty attached to failure of this Confessional is our refusal to employyou or issue you a certificate, and this will only happen if we find you are trying knowingly to injure Scientology. You can pass this test by (1) agreeing to take it, (2) answering each question truthfully and (3) not being a member of a subversive group seeking to injure Scientology."

Documents regarding the infiltration of UN organisations by Scientology
The Scientology cult front group "Foundation_for_a_Drug-Free_World" used the United Nations to spread itself in various counties for the 2007 United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse. In Canada for example, pictures of Police and Fire Department Chiefs, as well as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, are shown in the document reading the booklets. Similar photos and text are presented for the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and South Africa.

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